About Me

Hey, I’m Nikki. My guy is a foreign luge athlete who’s training for the upcoming winter games. Our year separation will be tough.  I’ve created this site to pass the time. You can keep me company.

“Luge has no brakes, once you are committed you are on the ride!”

Some people mock the luge. Ignore them.  Sledding is a dangerous edgy sport. It takes nerves of steel to hurtle your muscled, buff body down a cold, unforgiving ice chute in nothing but a spandex cat suit. 

Stay tuned. The month leading up to the winter games, I will update you daily on luge news, vlog and respond to your luge questions. I’ll have contests, online events and other bits to get your luge mojo on.

Help me help the world appreciate its lugers. Spread the word. Together we will build an empire one luger at a time.

That’s it for now. XOXO Nikki

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