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Credits - I Love a Luger


© InSeries Media Inc.

InSeries Executive Producers:
Kim Peters
Laird Farquharson
Lynne Kamm

Video Co-Executive Producer:
Gregory Klymkiw

Video Producer:
Lynne Kamm
Site Producer:
Laird Farquharson

Based on an Original Character and Story by:
Lynne Kamm

Co-Created by:
Lynne Kamm and Cassandra Nicolaou

Written and Directed by:
Lynne Kamm

Rebecca McMahon as Nikki

Director of Photography:
Ryan A Randall

Interactive Strategist:
Candace Lee (www.candaceleeconsulting.com)

Associate Producer:
Carlie Clough

Creative Video Consultant:
Marta Borowski

3-D Artist/ Animator “Vowler the Luger”
Brian Vowles (www.brianvowles.com)
Voice of Fate and Singing Fate – Lionel Tona (www.singingstrong.com)
Singing Voice of Nikki – Nicole Blain
Voice of France – Nicole Blain
Voice of Micro – Kim Peters
Sock and Sandals – Rick “Krusty” Kresta
Voice Of Reason – Reason
Statue of Fate – on loan from Laura Randall’s kitchen

Rick Kresta

Assistant Directors:
1st AD Stephanie Chapelle (www.chapelleproductions.com)
2nd AD Chris Niesling

Costume Designer:
William Ng

Key Makeup and Hair:
Lauren Brooke Fisher

Property Master:
Karen Henwood

Location Sound:
Mixer – Doug Peters, Mike Peters
Boom – Mike Peters, Dan McGee

Video Post Production:
Twin Diamond Productions (www.twindiamond.ca)

Video Editors:
Lynne Kamm
Doug Peters
Tony Felgueiras

Visual FX Artist/Digital Compositor:
Tony Felgueiras
Candace Lee (www.candaceleeconsulting.com)

Stills Photographer:
Ryan A Randall

Colour Correction/Online:
Courtesy of Fini Films (www.finifilms.com)
Colourist: Kevin Rasmussen
Special Luger Thanks: Marc Bachli

Post Audio:
Twin Diamond Productions (www.twindiamond.ca)
Foley, SoundFx, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Peters

Urban Post (www.urbanpost.ca)
ADR technician: Brandon Prodger
Special Luger Thanks: Mark Gingras

“Carpet Ride”
Music by Mike Peters and Nicole Blain
Original tune & lyrics by Lynne Kamm
Arrange, recorded, mixed by Mike Peters
Vocals: Nicole Blain, Lionel Tona

Grip, Electric, Camera Equipment Provided by:
Rattail Productions (www.rattailfilms.com)
Special Luger Thanks: William Primrose

Location Loft:
Provided by Angola (www.phenomenatrix.com) and Eamon (www.eamonmacmahon.com)

Blazing Kitchen Catering (www.ranchorelaxo.biz)
Three’s Company¬†(www.threes-company.com)

Winter Sport Jackets and Luge Suit Provided by:
Karbon Sports
Special Luger Thanks: Peter Schure

Series Affiliated with: Canadian Luge Association
Special Luger Thanks: Tim Farstad and Chris Dornan

Lynne: Special thanks to the volunteer crew who came out to play. thanks for being the hardest working creative genius two-year-olds who like to laugh… so grateful… you made all the difference. YOU ROCK!

A Super Special Luge Shout out THANKS:
Ethel Peters,Rena Zimmerman, Daniel Oron, Isabel Gomez-Moriana, Morgan Drmaj, Rechna Varma, Alyson Richards, Bloor Boxing, Karen Kamm, Rolf Kamm, CJ Kamm, Helen J Shaver, Steve Smith, Denis Coyne, Amelia Taggart, Kirsten Newlands.

Greg Klymkiw for being my saving spandex and keeping me together!
Luge y’all, Lynne!!!

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