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La la Luge — songs and ringtones

Jan 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Games and Downloads

bulmp3-big Download our Luge Song. Listen to it, love it, remix it, mash it up. Send me back your masterpieces, and I’ll add them to my site.


You can also browse using your iPhone or SmartPhone to, and you’ll find a mobile-friendly page for you to download directly to your phone.

SmartPhones (mp3) iPhones (m4r)
bulmp3-big crazyride.mp3 bulmp3-big crazyride.m4r
bulmp3-big spandexier.mp3 bulmp3-big spandexier.m4r

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  1. I have downloaded your luge song as directed. I listeded to it. I loved it. I mixed it. thank you kindly good person.

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