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How This All Began - I Love a Luger

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How This All Began

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Happy vDay! All Valentine’s gifts suck. So Nikki and Fate can’t stop rhyming.

bulmp3-bigDownload our Song (MP3).

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Listen to it, over and over. Love the luge-tune! Re-mix it, mash it up, add to it … play with it. Send me back your masterpiece, and I’ll add it to the site!


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  1. Friggin’ song is jammed in my noodle! Hilarious!

  2. So bobsled and skeleton must be jealous. No songs about them. Only a crappy movie.

  3. Nikki’s quite the web site whiz!

  4. Go luge go! Yeeha…

  5. Salut Steph! Ever been a cheerleader? Luge could totally use a pompom squad. Drop by!

  6. Go ahead, love a luger…

    If you have a moment you should check out I Love a Luger, an online series about a woman who loves a luger and talks to her frog.
    THe first episode is up and you can find out how her love with a luger begins.

  7. Adam is today’s official hero of the lugers!

  8. i think we should get the junior team on this too

  9. I am hooked…will keep tabs on this one…I live in front of a luge hill, in downtown Montreal, (no really, I do! no one knows about this place its like my private hill)

    I think this is the best thing that has come along since sliced bread. Keep it coming.

  10. J’aime Montreal. Luge is a french word! You’re so sweet Dan. But is this the best thing since the discovery of spandex?

  11. Luv the toon! How about we do a charge for – fundraising luger downloadable calendar? It can be all in spandex and should have many beavers in tow (as well as moose, buffalo, and whatever animal is important to those in the Maritimes – maybe a rock lobster.) It should also show lugers doing what they do all year ’round – in spandex, practicing for luge events, house cleaning, doing the laundry and basically just ‘being’ in spandex.

    call me
    i’ll foto-graph them and it’ll be fantastic and we’ll both become promotional minxs on behalf of the canadian luge team.
    signed: jo-jo-san west of the rockies – single and hoping to see more contours covered in spandex.

  12. Good on ya, Nikki Grrrl!!
    May all your hopes & dreams come true, and may you have a happily ever after!!

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