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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities - I Love a Luger

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities


I Love a Luger is created in the spirit of farcical satires like “Flight of the Conchords” and “The Office” – shows that have gifted us with outrageous, memorable characters who turn the mundane ridiculous and the ridiculous mundane.

Each of the thirty webisodes will run a short and snappy 3-5 minutes, and will incorporate both the vaudeville elements of sketch comedy and the story underpinnings of serial comedy. In addition to the webisodes, the series will have music videos featuring never-heard-before original luge songs, journalist-style ‘on the street interviews’, Nikki’s personal video log, riveting luge updates on “This Week in Luge”, contests to test your luger skills and more!

The series will include: Webisodes, Nikki’s Video Blog, Nikki-on-the-Street (N.O.T.S), Games and Downloads, Ask Nikki, Sponsor A Luger, User Generated Content, and interaction with Social Networks.

February, 2009 – February, 2010 – Thirty webisodes including a special six-pack released during the games and fifty-two video blogs. The time to hop on is now – our cameras are rolling and we’ll continue to film over the course of the next year – ensuring an up-to-the-minute site filled with fresh-fastfun content.

Our primary target is adults 18-34, with secondary expansion to 44. For everyone who enjoys high-concept, broad comedy, with the additional twist of an improbable love triangle – and of course, as a bonus, all the luge anyone could ever want! Please note: No coarse language, sexual content or violence… just some minor calamitous luge stunts.

For cross-promotional repurposing, our video will be captured in the highest resolution available (HD 1080i 60). We can adapt content to any window/video player that suits your needs.

The web site offers all types of advertising possibilities: site endorsements, product placement, banner ads, overlays and post roll commercials are all viable options. Episodes could comically feature a product within the fabric of the narrative. Nikki is a lip balm addict, for example, and in “Lip Bombed” she creatively uses her balm to get herself out of a sticky situation. In “Coat Of Darkness” our character hides herself in a camouflage-patterned ski jacket. The jacket becomes her go-to garment for the rest of the season.

Company Brands can also be brought in to our social network hooks. Sponsored usergenerated Photo Galleries, or cooperative Facebook events, are all under consideration. If you want to be a good sport, we will scheme together to discover an innovative way to highlight your company and product.

Please contact us if you wish to run
– Box ads 300×250 – 40k
– Leaderboard ads 728×90 – 40k

Our luge-centric contests will encourage viewer participation – nominating a “Luger of the Month”, or competing to win a trip to Vancouver 2010 are just two examples. Create an obscure hilarious prize package! Invent an ingenious luge contest! Brilliant opportunity for site sponsors to be further creatively involved.

Company sponsored contest prizes are most welcome.

All promotional items created by Nikki – luger buttons, t-shirts, toques and more – will be for sale on the website. Have a cross–promotional idea? Race to tell us!

Please email advertise@inseriesmedia.com to find out more about advertising on IloveAluger.com

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